So lately I’ve been using the NBC Video Rewind service to watch TV shows online. It’s via the website in a flash based player. The service is pretty nice and the quality is decent enough to watch tv.

Since they’re not just going to give away free video they ad support it via “commercials.” These are injected with commercial interruptions. I can live with that. Here’s the problem: it’s the same one for the whole episode. They’re ‘sponsored’ by a single advertiser. There’s an ad at the beginning and sometimes 4 or 5 times during an episode for 30 second slices. All the ads I’ve seen are exactly the same for the whole episode. It actually gets really, really annoying after a while – especially when all the episodes have the same sponsor. I’ve seen a Superbad movie trailer + ad at least 15 or so times today. Do they think that is really going to help them? If you’re going to show me ads at least show me something different. At this point it’s a complete waste of their money to keep showing that ad to me.

Advertising is a fact of life if we want things for free. It’s a decent model too. I like to watch a lot of TV shows when I want to watch them without paying for cable service. And I like free because I don’t have the money to just dump on this stuff. But please, if you’re going to advertise – mix it up a bit. Showing me the same ad over and over simply irritates me.