They had a method of syncing your contact with the person’s actual contact info if they had the service. Ok. That’s reasonably useful. And it was on the sidelines. Storage of contacts was still first and foremost. Then they started adding things like calendaring and connections. A mini-feed kinda thing that’s just as useless as facebook’s. And on and on. Pretty soon the contacts storage was on the sideline and the rest of their social features were in front. When I got a connection request from someone I knew that was it – I didn’t like the service anymore. I haven’t really used it in months because it was more annoying every time I logged in.

So since I just got MobileMe and everything seems to be working better (not perfect yet – but generally usable) and I have the iPhone with my contacts synced to MobileMe and my computer I decided to rid myself of Plaxo. MobileMe’s address book app is just like using the OS X address book, simple and useful. It stores contacts – nothing more, nothing less. It does it’s job just fine.

Thanks for trying, Plaxo. Like everything else you had a good service then screwed it up with social crap. I may build and use web apps for pretty much everything if I can, but I never caught on to the social thing. I want simple, useful services and that seems to be the thing slowly becoming more rare on the web. Of course, that’s probably a big reason I love Apple products. They do what they’re supposed to do well, and not much more. And that’s fine with me. If it fits my need I’ll use it and if not I’ll find something else that does.