Here’s an app I haven’t seen yet: geo located news that finds news for your immediate area. By immediate I’m talking about within a couple of blocks. How many times are you somewhere where you see emergency vehicles and have no idea what’s going on? Construction that you don’t know what for? Maybe there’s a lot of people around your neighborhood today, is there some festival going on you missed?

The general problem with local news is that things are impossible to find. Things are organized by wide locations and then meaningless categories. If I could fire up an app on my iPhone and it show me all the things happening around me, ordered in time and distance, it would answer a lot of questions.

News articles, tweets, and most other things posted online either includes geo coordinates or some location information if it has to do with an event or location. We just have to mine the sources, extract the data, and service it out. It’s hard, but not impossible.

Someone run with my idea please? I’d actually consider paying for a really solid service.