Years ago I probably would have told you I could be happy if I could just build software all day, every day. Years later I would now tell you there's a lot more to life than just writing software. I'm sure plenty of people told me this along the way, but personal experience is the best teacher.

I've had plenty of other interests but I haven't really followed through with them to a point of solid understanding or proficiency. I've always considered coding/hacking/programming to be both my work and my hobby. Now, after a busy day at work, I want to be as far away from VIM and git as possible.

All this brings me to my next hobby: photography. I like to hike and get outside where I then see awesome things. Taking a quick snap with my iPhone or my crappy old point and shoot is OK, but when I look back on them I cringe. They're crap. They're framed badly, the lighting is terrible, and whatever was really awesome about that place doesn't come through in the photo at all.

Now, that's a high expectation to have. That's an expectation that you have of pretty good photographers. Realistically I won't be *that* good. But, I would like to make them something proud to put on a wall, post online, and generally show off to people as "look, at how awesome this was!" I want to be able to do some justice to the amazing things I've been able to experience and see.

I've started reading what seems like a good book to start learning photography with, Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long. I have a Canon T1i ordered and on the way. The camera might be a little overkill for just starting out -- but with that investment I'm hoping I'll force myself to really give it a good shot and take the time to learn.

My goal is to get out at least once every two weeks to practice and if possible once a week. It'll give me an excuse to go hiking, exploring, or just out for a walk. Basically, something that isn't sitting behind a computer screen.

Hopefully soon I'll start posting updates here along with some sample photos. We'll see.