Some folks have probably realized that for the past month or so I’ve begun wearing a watch (again). Here’s what convinced me to do it.

My phone as been my “pocket watch” for years. I recently decided to try and “detach” myself a bit from my phone, twitter, email, and all the distractions we’ve invented. I realized that I check the time frequently and if I pull out my phone I’ll not only check the time but also read the notifications, unlock and read my email, twitter, and whatever else is demanding my attention.

Now, instead, I can raise my arm, look at my watch, and be done. No extra distractions.

So far I’m finding that I’m still subconsciously pulling out my phone instead of looking at my watch. I believe this is because I’m not really “checking the time” as much as checking for anything new that’s been pushed to me. I’m getting better at catching myself. When I can get to the point where I’m only consciously pulling out my phone when there’s something I want to do – I will have broken the information addiction.