Earlier this week I helped to bring a Computer Science House tradition back to floor. CSH was long known for it’s huge consumption of Jolt Cola. For years there hasn’t been Jolt in the CSH drink machines on floor because they weren’t selling a container which the machines could vend, until now.

We finally realized that Jolt is now selling 16oz cans which are the same size as a standard soda can except that in height. After some work on Big Drink (the larger of the two old vending machines CSH has which can drop cans or glass bottles) I was able to make slight modifications (remove some parts) which allow us to now have Jolt in the machine once again! Awesome indeed.

I’m hoping CSH can live up to the past and once again consume huge amounts of Jolt. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to have a sales representative at Jolt once again (or so the story goes…).