After a lot of reflection while looking at the ocean I decided to release LifeSync for free starting today. I realized much of the reason it wasn’t out yet was the need for a “perfect” 1.0 release version and setting up all the licensing and billing stuff. It is simply too much for only having a few hours here and there to do work on it. Releasing it free means a) it’s not perfect and since you’re not paying that’s a little bit more acceptable, and b) I’ll have more time to fix issues rather than deal with licensing and billing issues.

It really comes down to the fact that I can’t take people’s money without having a really great product. I think LifeSync does the job well (I use it constantly for my own calendars) but it isn’t the best. But for a FREE product – I think it is a great value.

So spread the word, there’s a FREE OS X Google Calendar & Apple’s iCal synchronizer available. You can get your copy at If you think it’s worth it, feel free to donate something to me via the Donate button on the LifeSync pages!