So in an interesting turn of events I bought an iPhone 3G on Friday. Got in line at the Stanford Mall Apple Store at 6:15am. I was out the door of the Apple Store with a new iPhone at about 9:30am. I was around the 40th person in line, give or take a few. I’d say it was a pretty good morning (Yeah they couldn’t activate me in store and it took me a while once I got back with it… ).

I was also interesting in MobileMe (because I like synchronization and push) so I bought it with the iPhone for about 30% off. Although it’s been through some rough times.. and still isn’t perfect yet.. it definitely works when it does. I’m sure it’ll improve once things settle down and Apple fixes whatever issues are plaguing it.

So this leads me to LifeSync. The point was to sync my Google Calendar to iCal. Well now I don’t need to. I’m using MobileMe as both online calendar application and the sync tool between my Mac and iPhone. Although I don’t need it myself anymore I’ll definitely try my best to make sure it keeps functioning for those that will continue to use it.

Back to playing with iPhone applications.