So a couple of weeks ago I decided to finally get some of my code out to the world. I’ve recently gotten pretty excited about using git for version control. Of course, GitHub is awesome so I posted my code there. You can take a look at:

Two of my projects are available under the MIT license. First is the javascript library I’ve been working on for a while. It’s pretty basic, but includes all the good stuff like event handling, async requests, basic table generation & management, and a js bootstrapper. I plan on doing work on it here and there. The conventions I use in it are a bit of a mix of things I’ve done in the past and on first look can be pretty strange. I’d like to do an article on it at some point and why I did what I did with it.

The other project is the previous incarnation of the CSH touchscreen software. We were running opera 8 on some old touchscreens and this javascript was running on them. It’s not really useful to anyone except in an academic sense. I wrote most of it in about two nights or so in the Spring of 2008. I’d like to think it has a decent design and implementation. It isn’t some of my best work, but definitely ranks up there. It uses the JSCore library.

Now I just need to go back through more of my code I have around and get some more out there. I’ve worked on a lot of things – little of which most people can see. That’s what happens when you do a lot of work for companies – most people will never see it, and I’ll never see it again. sigh