So the ecosystem is now complete. Until now we had CSH’s Drink code partially online. I’ve corrected this by moving from SVN to GitHub what I believe is the last bit of Drink’s code, the Java software running on the TINI boards in the machines themselves. For reference here’s all the GitHub projects:

TINI Hardware Code: Drink Server: Old Javascript Touchscreens:

I think that covers it. The TINI code and the Touchscreens are licensed MIT, and the server is GPL at the moment due to libraries being used. Documentation is kinda light, which will possibly change as I get time once classes end. Someone needs to make sure someone else can maintain this stuff once we’re gone, right?

Chances are better it’ll just get replaced. That TINI code is the oldest stuff here, dating back to 2005. We’ve replaced everything else since then. The server has been written twice since then. Yeah, CSHers get bored.