So last week I made the journey from Pittsburgh, PA to Foster City, CA via car. I’ve made this drive two other times, though the destinations were Mountain View and Sunnyvale. This time I ran the Instamapper GPS tracking app on my iPhone most of the way. This yielded 3,642 data points along the way with longitude, latitude, speed, heading, altitude, and a time stamp.

The guy who rode with me, Scott, decided it would be fun to try and visualize this data with Google Street View to “watch” the trip without us ever having to actually record it. After a couple of days of processing, downloading, and building the end result was this video he posted to YouTube:

Coming soon: pretty graphs of the data. Need to have day where I can actually sit down and work it out. There’s way too much involved in moving. Way too much. Like a day spent in the DMV (but hey, I’m a CA resident now!).