I’ve received a number of requests for the source code of MailWrangler over the past year. Recently I finally spent the time to prepare and post it to github. Sadly I was unable to actually import it from SVN due to the repository being corrupted and not having a complete backup. I simply imported my most recent checkout of the code in to git, and pushed that. Not my first choice, but it works.

I’ve licensed MailWrangler under the Apache 2.0 License. It’s a little more restrictive of a license than my other projects, but it is also much more “popular” of a project than my others. I have no idea if anyone will really care – but hey, maybe someone will. I don’t have much intention to personally do much with the project going forward (a big part of me just letting it out in to the wild). I’m more than willing to accept patches and merge forks back in to the project and keep the code on github up to date from others. I suppose it could be a decent alternative gmail “client” for those of us with developer licenses.

The thing to note about the current state of the code is that it doesn’t really work. I wrote it for the first SDK released by Apple and never updated it. An update at some point broke some parts of it, namely being able to add an account. If anyone fixes it I’ll be glad to patch up my copy of it for others.