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VW Beetle Project Part 5

25 September 2011

I’ve accomplished a whole bunch of stuff over the past month on the Bug (but I haven’t had time to post about it).

  • Washed the car
  • Lubricated frontend
  • Checked master cylinder
  • Adjusted the brakes
  • Adjusted e-brake setting
  • Adjusted steering wheel alignment (hooray driving straight!)
  • Fixed the passenger defrost vent airflow adjustment dial
  • Passenger seatbelt was attached incorrectly, causing it to be twisted
  • Replaced the door window rubber seals
  • Replaced door seals
  • Replaced visor clips
  • Fought with bent hinges on the driver side door (door doesn’t close right)
  • Replaced trunk liner
  • Replaced door panel attachment clips
  • Replaced trunk wiring cover
  • Replaced trunk rubber seal
  • Replaced engine rubber seal
  • Attempted to adjust the camber of the front, passenger wheel