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VW Beetle Project Part 6

09 November 2011

Recently I decided to re-upholster the seats in the Bug. Thus far I’ve made it through the two front seats. It’s been about 16+ hours of labor so far.

The parts

The process is basically:

  • Take out seat

    Passenger seat right out of the car

  • Strip seats to frame

    Passenger seat bottom springs

  • Make repairs to frame/spring

    Drivers seat back spring had broken welds/metal

    In this case I had to weld the backrest spring back together.

  • Put new cover on spring

    Passenger seat bottom, spring cover in place Passenger seat back, spring covering in place

  • Put new cushion on

    Passenger seat bottom cushion in place Passenger seat back, cushion in place

  • Cover cushion with felt

    Passenger seat bottom, felt in place

  • Put cover on seat

    Passenger seat bottom, covered

  • Attach buttons on backrest

    This was interesting because I didn’t have new buttons to attach. The original seats were red and the new seats would be black. I decided I’d keep a little bit of the old car in there by keeping the faded, red buttons on the black seats. It adds a bit of uniqueness to the car.

    Threading wire for the buttons

    Completed passenger seat

  • Put seat in car

    Left is re-upholstered, right is un-touched

    The seat on the left is the re-upholstered passenger seat.

The full gallery of images is here.